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Earn extra cash and help others by renting out your tools when you’re not using them!

Conveniently Located

Get tools and services from the comfort of your home just by using our app

More Affordable

Pay less for tools with very high prices

Save Space

Avoid cluttering up your garage, attic, and storage space

Prevent Waste

Avoid the hassle of buying tools you will only use once


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Byrdness Amazing Features

We make it easy for you to rent your tools and search for services

Rent out your tools

If you have tools that you don't use everyday, then you are ready to start earning cash

Publish your services

Publicize the services you can offer to the community

Free support

Byrdness offers free support for questions related to rentals and services provided

Tools & Services

Multiple tools and services available for you to search


Lamberto A. Reyes

Email: Lamberto.Reyes@reladyne.com

Mobile Number: (562) 572-5096

Phone Number: 1 888 478-6996

15150 West Drive/Houston TX 77053